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Giancarlo Chiancone


My name is Giano, the Deity of new beginnings for the ancient Romans, represented with two faces to look back and ahead.


I  was born in Salerno, on the Amalfi coast. Since early in my life l have enjoyed drawing and painting. Already in middle school l used to draw cartoon characters on posters and sold them at the corner newsstands.

As a youngster, I won a painting prize in a contest organized by the Italian Navy, and my painting was also shown in Japan. 

I opted to seek a career in Medicine but always l was always in love with art and continued to paint, taking advantage of any free moment.

Through reading and training with excellent artists, l continued to learn new techniques.

I have been a student under a local stone sculptress Nizette Brennan and l have attended several seminars, the latest with Roberto Ferri, an acclaimed Italian Maestro, by many called “ The modern Caravaggio “.

Many of my works are in private collections lately, two large canvases are on the wall of an iconic Washington DC restaurant “ ll Canale” in Georgetown.

I have been featured in art shows in Reston and at the Glenview gallery.

Currently, I am in contact with galleries in Italy and in the process of organizing a show at a Castle in Cilento, the beautiful southern coast of Salerno. 

Color is for me a strong uplifting exhilarating tool and in my maturity has taken precedence over form.


Creating Art takes up a lot of my free time now because l have understood that “doctors preserve life but art makes it worth living” I am presenting glances at my birthplace. Here too, color is the protagonist and often it is best expressed in local markets along the coasts if the Mediterranean sea “ Mare Nostrum” of the ancient Romans.

My art studio “ La Bottega di Giano” is in Kensington Maryland where l can be reached at 301 875 3162. My website is under continuous transformation


I Hope you enjoy my work.

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