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Reza Ghajar

I like to paint pain.  My paintings are inspired by social inequality and suffering.  I try to capture people's broken dreams and working-class struggles.  In my paintings, I use various colors and materials, and I manipulate them to represent the complexity and unpredictability of life.  Sometimes I splash the paint out of anger, based on concerns over global events, like war.  Sometimes I use objects in my paintings to represent the distorted reality that we live in.  For example, I use dollar bills, a symbol of wealth, power, and pain, and I use them as the pieces of paper that they are.  Each type of material carries a different message.  For example, spray paint is symbolic of street art, the art of the people's voice.  When I use spray paint, it is to symbolizes freedom of speech, thought, and belief.  Sometimes I use very few colors in my paintings, such as red, black, and white, because of the severity of the contrast between them.  I often use these colors to represent suffering and death.  Other times I use many bright colors because they come alive on the canvas and represent the dynamic, busy, and energetic elements of life and emotion.  The sizes of my paintings are different because each message is different.  Sometimes a big message can fit in a small space, and sometimes a small message can fill a big space.  I am influenced by people, events, history, nature, objects, emotions, and finally. . .

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