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I am a ceramic sculptor exploring floral and sculptor paths on global grounds. 


It was an instant love affair and it still is. I wanted to pick up a creative force that engages me during the dark Swedish winternights. Maybe it was an easy transition; moving my hands out of late fall gardening grounds into tactile clay! 

End of class and some hours later I realized that I had created my first sculpture!  That is how my sculptor journey started 10 years ago! On top of all energizing creativity; working in clay empowers me in many aspects. It gives me a tremendous intuitive and meditative sense of power. It is, as well an ongoing continuitation of healing power.


My name is Christina “Kicki” Andreasson, I am Swedish and living in Washington D.C., USA. I am a contemporary figurative sculptor moving between classic sculpting and creative ceramics. All my sculptures are unique and one of a kind. Besides clay I work in a variety of mediums such as stone, wood and plaster.

 My approach when sculpting emanates out of an idea or vision of what I want to achieve. It can either be the challenge of capturing the human form through observing a live model or interpreting an architectural object into a human form.


As my work process comes along my curiosity guides me further into different perspectives and my interpretation often turns into something that I did not perceive initially. I think it shows my way of being pragmatic by all means in life. I always bear in mind that there is always a good solution around the corner. “My women” sculptures are expressing some kind of positiveness which also reflects my way of being. I am and will always be a good fighter of positive things in life.


Welcome to my world of being, seeing and sculpting!

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