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Giulia Brancoli


My name is Giulia

My passion for jewelry began when I was a little girl when anything I could lay my hands on would become a jewel: for me, the specific material was never important, as I firmly believe that everything that surrounds us can become something special if it is transformed, molded, or sculpted by following one’s own personal taste and inspiration.


After attending goldsmith school Milano, I had the good fortune and privilege to live and work side by side with a famous master goldsmith in Livorno, my hometown.  From him, I had the opportunity to learn the craft that ran in his veins and through his fingers, and his passion became mine.

Using the file as a sword, I learned to sculpt the widest array of materials, from bronze to gold, from silver to brass, by way of natural hard stones and lava stone.


Once my Teacher retired, I decided to begin my own journey, and that is how my collection “Va dove ti porta il mare” (Go where the sea takes you) was born.

I shape, mold and carve the wax with a special technique called lost wax casting process: from this model, I create my jewels.  In each one, there is a reference to the sea, the principal character in my creations, in all its shapes and manifestations.

Each jewel is one of a kind, created on the spur of the moment, sometimes inspired by the strength of the sea, other times by the elements that inhabit it and make it alive, other times by the lives which are shaped by it.


February 1-28, 2021

CounterCurrent Exhibit 

GalleryB  - Bethesda MD


September 2-27, 2021

Beauty Will Save The World

Arts Club of Washington  - Washington DC 


March 2022


STUDIO1469 - Washington DC 



Settembre13-17, 2022

ART4US Itinerant : DC meets NA

Ex-Asilo Filangieri Napoli Italy

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