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Muriel Paraboni

Muriel Paraboni is a multimedia artist. Trained in Visual Arts and Cinema, with a master's degree in Art and Technology, his production approaches the borders of the

supports, in a process of symbiosis between images and material elements. His work explores the limits of digital devices, with attention to the technological presence in the contemporary environment and its impacts on individual sensibility. Image, materiality, and meaning are some of the issues that unfold in various media such as painting, object, photography, installation, video, and cinema, which are often combined in environmental and sensorial proposals. He has been exhibiting regularly, in individual and collective exhibitions, both in Brazil and abroad since 2010. His films and videos have been shown in festivals, museums, and galleries in more than 20 countries, such as Canada, United States, England, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, receiving several awards.

‘Gull at Sea’ is a digital kind of tanka, short Japanese poem style whose essence is the epiphany

of common things. The work epitomizes the magical glimpse of a seagull facing the sea,

celebrating the lively and mysterious beauty of nature, the immensity of space and the

fleetingness of time. ‘Gull at Sea’ was built entirely digitally, from the composition of still

images and videos, giving rise to a piece of media art in a hybrid format for NFT and

photography. In its digital version for NFT it is presented as an animated GIF with 20 seconds

of looping. As a photographic work, it offers two options/versions for printing.

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