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“I am captivated by the distinctive yet evanescent feelings of awe and frisson from the mix of space, vibe, and light of places…. places where people gather in conviviality, or more natural and wild places where I find peace, sanctuary, and solace. ART PRACTICE My work tries to capture the unique emotional lift I feel when light, space, and mood combine in a place at a particular moment. The raw beauty of Nature has always been a fascination, friend, and sanctuary for me. As a resident of a lively urban DC, I relish the vibrant conviviality and its social uplift that is as just as life-affirming and regenerative as Nature. My subject matter celebrates both-–contemporary impressionist townscapes and landscapes. I opt for painting plein air, from life, and on the scene, as a central aspect of my painting practice, not just to immerse myself in the outdoors I love, but also to help evolve more nuanced perception, directness, and gestural style, which help me to articulate my artistic message better. Though painting is a notoriously solitary endeavor, I've discovered the plein air painter is seldom alone. As I study, feel, and reinterpret a place, many notice and then reveal that they derive an unexpected benefit: kindling of an appreciation of previously underappreciated or bypassed beauty. The uplift and joy are mutual, resonant, and synergize with my creative work. ABOUT ME I am primarily self-taught and without formal art training. My upbringing celebrated creativity and my mother was a commercial fashion and portraiture artist. I have always found personal renewal and identity through creative avocations. I started painting in 2005 and transitioned to full-time artist in 2019. I live and paint in Washington, DC’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood and the region around DC.


Maryland Federation of Art Circle Gallery, Spring Open / May 2023

● Lamont + Mt. Pleasant

Selected Exhibitor for Admo Artwalk, DC Arts Center / April 2023

● 31 works exhibited

The Art League Gallery, Open Exhibit / April 2023

● Los Primos

Montgomery Arts Association, Treasures Exhibit / March 2023

● Spanish Steps

Curve Gallery, Maryland Federation of Art, Street Scenes / March 2023

● Clear by Morning

The Art League Gallery, Landscape Exhibit / June 2022

● Potomac Overlook

The Art League Gallery, Open Exhibit / May 2022

● Market Pergola Shadows

The Art League Gallery / GaIlery 75 online exhibition / April 2022

● Potomac Overlook ● FlorenceStreet ● Ice House

Mt. Pleasant Artists' Collective / Mt. Pleasant Panorama / Fall 2021

● Mt. Pleasant & Kilbourne


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