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Join our cosmopolitan coop of artists & artisans


Thank you for your interest in ART4US membership


Grazia, Antonella, Katty and Nana are thrilled to invite you to join our artistic cooperative ART4US.


We are pleased to offer a membership package to artists interested in joining our coop ART4US. Following the successful February 2021 group show at Gallery B, we want to build on the experience of interacting with the vibrant and synergistic group of artists working in different media including the written word.


Together is better, we believe in cooperation. With the support and collaboration of the group, we can learn and get inspired by each other.  Check out members’ profiles of our international group of artists. We encourage all members to volunteers with us. Please consider sharing your talent applying as Key volunteer for one of ART4US open positions helping with:


•exhibitions and installations

•financial and bookkeeping

•marketing and social media

•writing blogs/articles




  • Full-year membership: $40.00 - 12 full months from the day you sign up, renewable annually if you wish to continue   



  • Exhibits opportunities exclusive to members

  • Your Artwork featured for sale ‘Shop Our Artists’ virtual gallery on coop site

  • Artist personal profile page connected with artist website and personal email

  • Advertising and support in Art4US site to members events and workshops

  • 10% courtesy discount between members on art/books/merchandise purchased at coop exhibits and online sales.

  • Participation in ART4US special events like Tours and Speaker Series

  • Share ideas, techniques, and critics with other artists.


If you are interested please send us :

· photo of yourself

· bio

· description of your work/style

· interviews, press, publications (optional)

· photos of your work (max 8 ) with titles, prices, descriptions, media sizes, etc

· info to contact you by email, phone number webpage, facebook, instagrams



We are looking forward to having you in our cosmopolitan artistic community!



Grazia, Antonella, Katty, Nana (the fantastic 4)

ART4US Board

Membership/Renewal Form     please complete
Upload Your Photo
Upload Your Bio

Upload your files by choosing the right upload button specific for images, text, video, and audio, upload only what applies to you, if you have trouble just send us the files at

Upload up to 8 images for your virtual portfolio

Upload Image
Upload Image
Upload Image
Upload Image
Upload Image
Upload Image
Upload Image
Upload Image
Upload document with titles, prices, descriptions, media sizes, etc

Upload up 4 poems or short stories for virtual portfolio

Upload Document
Upload Document
Upload Document
Upload Document

Upload up to 4 video for virtual portfolio

Upload Video
Upload Video
Upload Video
Upload Video

Upload up to 2 audio for virtual portfolio

Upload Audio
Upload Audio

Thanks for submitting!

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